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WINZ & OSCAR Subsidies

All Kids After School OSCAR programmes are Child Youth and Family approved this means parents that use our programmes can apply to Work & Income to receive the Oscar Childcare Subsidy, which helps towards your fees.

To see if you are eligible for a Work & Income Subsidy and to receive more information click HERE.

The latest OSCAR Subsidy income thresholds and maximum rates are HERE.

When applying for a WINZ OSCAR subsidy, please make contact with WINZ on their general help line, 0800 559 009, this will give them a date of first contact.  Once contact is made you have 20 days to get all supporting documentation to your local office along with your WINZ paperwork.

This supporting documentation may include:

  • Payslips
  • Identification
  • Birth Certificates

(If you are signed up for MyMSD you can log in and print the forms off online.)

We will ensure your application is handled promptly at our office and returned to the programme for you to collect.  

Once your new application has been submitted to WINZ, please contact the office to advise the date the application was received at WINZ and your client ID number.

Any WINZ change of circumstance, declaration, renewal and verification forms, once signed by you, will be forwarded by KAS to the WINZ processing unit to action, unless you specify to have the forms returned.

Prior to the commencement of each holiday period, WINZ will send you a declaration form.  If holiday care is required the declaration form is to be handed in with your holiday programme enrolment form, if holiday programme is not required, the declaration form still needs to be received promptly, to ensure subsidy is continued for following term care.

WINZ at times, may experience back logs and until your WINZ subsidy application is received, we will require you to make weekly payments to keep your account up to date, or an amount that has been discussed with this office.

Once the subsidy is received, you will need to make weekly payments that may not be covered by the WINZ OSCAR subsidy.

WINZ Application Form WINZ Declaration Form WINZ Change of Circumstance Form

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