Value for Money

Kids After School OSCAR programmes are CYF approved and WINZ subsidies are available for eligible parents/caregivers.

Fees are charged weekly based on the days your child/ren are booked into our programmes. Absence fees will be charged if the programme is operational and your child does not attend. For children who are expected to be absent for a period of five days or more, absence fees will still apply. If you are receiving a WINZ subsidy you will be charged for the hours you have booked weekly-absence fees do not apply. To operate efficiently we ask that fees be paid by the friday of the following week. An administration late fee will be charged if fees are not paid by the due date. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque at the centre or by direct credit online to National Bank account number 06 0401 0280875 00. Fees may be subject to change. Any unpaid fees will mean that the debt is transferred to a Collection Agency and any collection fees added to the outstanding balance.

We can be flexible if you have special requirements such as an early pick-up time. You only have to ask and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

Enquire about our fees.