Food and Drink

All Kids After School children enrolled in the morning programme are given a tasty and nutritious breakfast before school. Children can choose either cereal and fruit or toast with a range of spreads. We know children have different tastes, so we listen to them and try our best to meet their needs. For example we have both vegemite and marmite available as well as both crunchy and smooth peanut butter.

Afternoon tea is served after school including sandwiches on white, wheatmeal or multigrain bread with the same spreads that are available for breakfast. In-season fruit and vegetables are also offered along with apples, carrots, oranges and bananas. On special occasions we have muffins, pikelets or biscuits.

The children can drink filtered water or Milo (in winter). Fizzy drink or juice drinks with high sugar content are only served on special occasions. We enjoy celebrating birthdays and give lollies or chocolate as special treats for the birthday boy or girl.