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Before and After School Programmes

Before School Care

At Kids After School, children are offered a range of quiet activities whilst breakfast is being served, from opening until 7.40am.  After breakfast the children start getting ready to be taken to school.  Depending on the start time of your school, the children get dropped off from 8am onwards.  

After School Care

Your child will be involved in a range of fun activities that will help them relax after a busy day. They can make friends, build confidence and have fun.

Depending on which programme the children are enrolled in, they will be collected from schools around the Franklin area.  Click on one of our locations from the buttons below, to see where we pick up from.

Once all the children have arrived and are signed in, afternoon tea is served and homework is completed with one of our staff members.

We then break off to activity time, where the children interact with others in one of four age groups, with age related activities being offered:

  • Years 1-2
  • Years 3-4
  • Years 5-6
  • Years 7-8 (Intermediates)

Some of the activities they will be involved in include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Science experiments
  • Sports games/active play
  • Baking / cooking

Technology is a privilege for the older children in our programmes and times are specified when they may be used.

Select one of our locations from the buttons below for more information and enrolment details.

Our Locations: