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Our People

“The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery”

You can be sure your children are being looked after by carefully selected people who are really enthusiastic about providing quality care, promoting active participation, enhancing self esteem and delivering positive experiences.

We take pride in the fact that we get to know each child individually. Our supervisors and caregivers often know when one of the children has had a bad day or if something is bothering them. Your children are not just a number to us. We really care and take an interest in things going on in their lives.

We make sure we have at least one adult to every 10 children at the after school programme or one adult to eight children for excursions. We have a Programme Manager (team leader) at each centre, supervisors who provide excellent care and back up the programme manager.  High School students / Trainee teachers make up the rest of the staff ratios.

Kids After School’s owner, Carolyn Payne, is on the executive committee for the Out of School Care Network so we often have advance knowledge of developments in our industry.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team or if you know someone who does, check out our vacancies.

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